An Inspiring Book Selection

Recently, I stumbled upon this book See Your Way to Mindfulness:  Ideas and Inspiration to Open Your I, by David Schiller.  I have been purchasing it at Barnes and Noble and it costs approximately $8.00 for a hard cover copy (ISBN# 0761187448).  It has become one of my new favorite gifts to give to people I care about, or who have recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, or who are interested in mindfulness and living more intentionally. 

This book breaks down strategies for mindfulness in such a simple and gorgeous way.  You can read a page or two at a time and it provides a prompt for focusing on the now. The author includes beautiful photographs. And, inspiration for pausing to take in everything around us. Along with relevant and thought stirring quotations.  I really enjoy this book!

The back cover of the book describes it perfectly – “Look up.  Look down.  Look for the overlooked. Look until the “you” disappears.” 

I really like the simplicity of the content.  It is good for adults or children.  Whenever I notice my children are experiencing anxiety – over a test, an athletic competition, a difficult friendship or they are anticipating something challenging – I try to help them stay present.  I have told them – “just stop for a minute and look around. Find something to look at and take in all the detail.  Whether it is the clock on the wall, your pencil, a leaf on a tree outside.” 

Changing my focus from my anxiety, to the details of something right in front of me, is like hitting the reset button.  It puts my mind at ease and takes me out of the negative cycle of thoughts I was previously experiencing. 

After a while, striving to be present comes more naturally. Once you develop the muscle, it relaxes on its own when you need it to. If I am in pain, I change my focus.  If I am nervous, I intentionally make the shift.  If I am in anticipation of an upcoming something, I purposely put my thoughts back to the current seconds I am living in right now.  I am not perfect at this.  But, I am getting better – and, it helps! 

This book has excellent goals, reminders and stimuli to get started on your mindfulness voyage. I hope it is a tool you find helpful!

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