Thank You, Ginger

Nausea is one of the side effects that I have experienced frequently, due to Crohn’s disease.  And, nausea also appears to be compounded by some of the medications that I take to treat my disease.  To ease my stomach upset, I have found that ginger helps me tremendously. 

These are some ginger strategies that have worked well for me.  So, I am sharing them – in the hopes that they might give you, or someone you know, relief:

I have found that in order for the nausea to subside, that I have to consume REAL ginger, not just “ginger flavor.”  Real ginger can be found in Canada Dry™ Ginger Ale.  For me, there is nothing better than a cold, crisp, ice filled class of ginger ale when you are in the hospital. (It is one of the only perks of a hospital stay – lol). After a surgery, bowel blockage, or other nausea inducing issue, it settles my stomach fairly quickly. 

At home, ginger beer (also a carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage) is a yummy choice for tummy trouble.  The ginger beer has a more pungent bite, that I actually enjoy, but you may or may not.  I like the hot/spicy after-taste. With digestive disorders (or, when I had a stoma — temporary for two years), I have had to be careful with how much carbonation I consume.  So, carbonated ginger beverages are not the only tool in my stomach ache tool box. 

If I am looking for a beverage, but don’t wish to have the carbonation – there are many brands of teas that are made with ginger root.  Or, I purchase ginger root in the grocery store produce section – or, farmer’s market – and, I grate it into smoothies or milk shakes (does not need to be real milk – soy, almond or coconut also taste great).

Another of my favorite ginger products is Newman’s Own ™ Ginger Mints.  I like these, because I can keep a tin in my backpack, and pop one as needed (anywhere, anytime). I purchase these at large grocery store chains in the organic section.  They cost approximately $2.50 to $3.50 per tin.  Or, I have purchased larger quantities online.  On Amazon, I have found retailers who sell six packs for approximately $20 with free (Prime Membership) shipping. 

Newman’s Own™ is a great company, because they give back 100% of their profits to charity.  So, I always feel great about my purchase, too.  You can read more about their foundation at:

When I was pregnant with both of my boys, I had a high degree of nausea.  I found a raspberry ginger cereal made by Peace Cereal™ that also helped ease my stomach distress.  There are other cereal brands, such as Nature’s Path™ that make ginger granola.  These types of cereals are also found in the organic section at local markets. 

If ginger isn’t doing the trick to remedy my nausea, and I find that it has escalated to vomiting or dehydration, I contact my doctor immediately.  There are many prescription medications that work quickly and effectively for nausea.  In the past, I have been helped from taking Zofran™ or Phenergan™.  (And, there are others, too — prescription and over the counter).  Each has their own benefits and side effects.  You can speak with your primary care or gastroenterologist regarding a medication that would be best for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of ginger for nausea, I found this article on The National Institute of Health’s site.  It is fascinating.  It discusses why the rhizomes in ginger root have been so beneficial, going back to ancient times, in treating nausea.  I hope you find it impactful, too!

I am not a medical professional, so I am only writing about my own personal experience taking ginger as a therapy for stomach upset. Please contact your doctor for your own specific plan for nausea relief.

Also, I am not a paid spokesperson for any of the products I have mentioned. (I would not be opposed – lol. I would actually request to be “paid” in product donations, not money.  Then, I would put your product in a gift basket for Crohn’s and Colitis patients who have undergone colostomy or ileostomy surgery.)

If your company is interested in donating ginger products – feel free to contact me directly. I would utilize your donation to better someone’s experience after their stoma surgery.  And, once the introduction is made, they may find it useful well beyond, in their disease journey.  It is a win-win.  Especially for a person in abdominal distress.

Ginger is genius!  I know it has been for me. 

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