Today is as Good a Day as Any



I have been reluctant to write a blog, because I am a fairly shy person. But — I also keep getting this strong urge to share what I know. It fills my thoughts completely sometimes. How can I help?

I have been living with Crohn’s disease for approximately twenty-nine years. It has been quite a journey. During those years, I have learned a lot about the disease. When I hear that an acquaintance or friend has been diagnosed, I always have a list of tips at the ready. Until now, these nuggets have been stored in my head. I usually compile them in a list or a letter. I might even shop for some samples of items that have been useful. I go on a shopping spree — procuring foods, products, books and ideologies that have made my journey more manageable.

Unfortunately, one of these moments came up this week. It is a mixed feeling. Sadness that another person I know has been diagnosed with this dreadful disease. And, a blessed feeling, that they trust and include me in their journey. It is the only good that I can offer from having Crohn’s disease.

This time, it made me think . . . today is as good a day as any . . . to FINALLY put these thoughts and tips in one place. Maybe it can help someone. Someone that I have not met yet, but who is looking for a tip or two. If I could help someone live a less painful life with Crohn’s? Wow – that is my deepest hope!

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